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Grass Terrain


Grassy plains, flat and green.

Swamp Terrain


Swamp is richer and more fertile than normal Grass providing the best climate for Dinosaurs to lay their eggs.

Shallow Water Terrain

Shallow Water

Rivers and coastal areas are shallow water. Users can build bridges on shallow water to cross rivers or reach nearby islands.

Deep Water Terrain

Deep Water

Deep water can only be crossed by ship, not by building bridges.

Void Terrain

Stone Floor

If you plan on building stone walls, you'll need a stone floor first. This durable foundation is typically covered by thick carpets to keep the king's toes warm.

Hills Terrain


Low foot hills, usually found near mountains. Most land units can walk across Hills.

Prehistoric Hills Terrain

Prehistoric Hills

Prehistoric Hills are rougher and less weathered than normal hills.

Mountains Terrain


Land units can not walk across these high mountains. Iron Deposits are often found in mountains.

Volcano Terrain


Volcanoes found in mountain sides provide the warmth needed to incubate Pterodactyl eggs.

Void Terrain


Void terrain marks non-existent places in a realm. Nothing can go into or over void terrain.