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Units & Terrain



Much larger than their cousins the Diplodocus, the Ultrasaurus also eats trees. However, tree seeds pass through their digestive system intact.

Health: 1,800
Attack Range: 1
Attack Damage: 20
Can be told to automatically gather wood.
Must be built over a Ultrasaurus Wild Egg.
Cost to build: 20k Food, 2k Wood, 100 Iron and 20k Knowledge.


New terrain, units and builds are added frequently. Here are the planned expansions for Ironfell:

  • Deep sea oil rigs
  • Flight - Rockets!
  • Race to Space
  • Space Stations
  • Space Elevators
  • The Moon
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Hollow Worlds
  • Mars
  • Mars - Back in time
  • Interstella travel
  • Zombie expansion?