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A step by step guide to starting Ironfell

“A terrible incident has thrown you back through time into the past.
 You must rebuild your empire, trade for resources and defend your people.”
  • Click and drag - Look around
  • Left Click - Select and move
  • Double Left Click - Select many units
  • Right Click - Open unit menu

After you have registered, you begin in your Safe Home Valley. You are safe here. Other players units can not enter this realm.

To move your Explorer unit (the little dude with the hat)... click on him and then click on any of the highlighted cells.

Explorer moving

Right-click (or on Android press and hold) on your Explorer to open his contextual menu.

This tells you about him. What actions he can do and what he can build.

Try building a Wood Shack on grass next to him.

Explorer moving

Everything you build costs resources (food, wood, iron, etc).

The resource panel, in the top right corner of your screen tells you how much of each resource you have.

  • Food comes from Farmlets (which are built by a Farmer).
    Each Farmlet gives you 60 Food at a random time each hour.
  • Wood comes from Trees. Woodcutters cut down trees to gather wood. You can set them to auto-gather wood for you. Trees are renewable, so after 12 hours trees will grow back.
  • Iron comes from Iron Deposits. A Miner can build a Small Mine on top of an Iron Deposit, then the Small Mine will give you 100 Iron at a random time each hour. Large Mines can be built on top of Large Iron Deposits and give you 400 Iron each hour.

You'll find out about the other resources later in the game when you need them.

Explorer Wood Shack Miner Iron Deposit Small Mine

Use your Explorer to build a Wood Shack.

Click on your Wood Shack and build a Miner.

Miners can build Iron Mines on top of Iron Deposits.

Iron Deposits can be hard to see, look around carefully, there might be one near you.

Wood Shack Woodcutter Tree Tree Stump

Back at your Wood Shack... build a Woodcutter and move them near a tree.

Right-click on the Woodcutter, select auto-gather.

He will now automatically walk around and find trees to chop down.

And the trees grow back! They are a renewable resource, so it’s okay to chop them down.

Click on a tree stump to see how long until it grows back.

Wood Shack Farmer Farmlet

Food comes from Farmlets.

At your Wood Shack build a Farmer and get him to build you a Farmlet.

Each Farmlet earns you 60 Food a random time each hour.

Farms last for two weeks and then turn into a ruin.

Safe Tunnel Whirlpool

You can explore other realms using Tunnels and Whirlpools.

Move your view through a Tunnel by clicking on it, and selecting "Travel Through".

Move your people through the Tunnel, by getting them to stand on the tunnel.

The Whirlpool in your home is special, its a one way Whirlpool so you can only use it to leave your Home Valley. Its destination changes every 24 hours. This is so that other players can't camp the destination of the Whirlpool. If you don't like where it comes out, wait a day and it will go to a different place.

  • If all your units are killed or you foolishly squander all of your resources you might have to start over. Inside the game in the top left corner of the screen, open the main menu. In there is a "Reset Account" button. You can use that at any time to start over. This also gets you a new Home Valley.

Points of Interest (bookmarks)
When you get lost, you can jump back to your home by using the Points of Interest panel. Open it by clicking on the third red arrow button in the top left corner of the screen. In that panel you can save interesting locations you find so you can quickly come back to them.

Talk to other players using the chat windows. Open it by clicking on the red arrow buttons in the in the bottom right corner of the screen. The top chat panel is just for the people in the same realm as you. The bottom chat panel is for everyone playing everywhere. Talking to other players is a great way to find out new things and get help.

If you want to read more, here are some links with more information.

If you get stuck, the best way to get help is to ask other players in the game.
Most people are friendly and you might meet some allies.

Thankyou for playing, I hope to see you in game :)